Every URL is a Clipboard

requires macOS High Sierra

Ever felt like there should be an easy way to copy and paste text across your devices?
With klipped.in you can post content and access it from any device.

Just Copy and Paste

Long text you need to copy and need on another device!
You are never going to scramble to find a good way to share content.
You can even paste some images here.

A Simple Solution

Copy, paste and profit! It doesn't matter what device you are using.

Use our menu bar app on macOS (requires High Sierra)

Download our free macOS, to access any clipboard right from your status bar.

Wait what? How does this work?

Here's a 20 second walkthrough of klipped.in's features.

What People Say

Our not so secret admirers on the internet.

  • "I always found myself having to send some text from a device to another. With klipped.in I don 't have to go through crazy hoops anymore."

    Konstantin Pavlovsky
  • "Love the design and the product. Installed it right away and found myself using it a couple of times in the last weeks."

    Alexander Isora
    Founder of Unicorn Platform
  • "That's actually super userful. I can 't wait to see what people start doing with it!"

    Sergio Mattei
    Creator of Makerlog
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